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Processing Check, Credit Card, and In-Kind Donations

Last modified: January 26, 2024
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Credit Cards

Donations by credit card should be make via the Compass Charitable Partners website ( for the desired project.  Project Managers are encouraged to solicit contributions via credit card, and should direct donors to the project page on the Compass website for such purposes.


Checks are not the preferred method of donation, but we understand some donors may insist on the option.  Donors who wish to give to a sponsored project by check should make checks payable and mailed to:

Compass Charitable Partners, Inc.
2451 Atrium Way Suite 300
Nashville, Tennessee 37214

In-Kind Gifts

Compass cannot take physical possession of a tangible (in-kind) donation.  Should a sponsored project have a prospective donor who wishes to give an in-kind gift, the Project Manager must require the donor to complete a Noncash Donation Proposal.  If possible, a photograph of the in-kind gift should be included.  Upon receipt of the Noncash Donation Proposal, the Project Manager will fill-out an In-Kind Gift Report via the project portal, where he/she will upload a copy of both the Noncash Donation Proposal and the photo (if any).  In order to provide a tax-deductible gift receipt to the donor, Compass must approve the in-kind donation prior to physical acceptance by the sponsored project.  An administrative fee will be deducted from available funds in the project account for the lesser of 10% of the fair market value of the item(s) received or $100.

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