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Charting the Course for Good!

Compass Charitable Partners’ mission is to facilitate charitable impact by providing essential, cost-effective financial management and administrative support to qualifying projects across the US and around the globe.

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Do More...More Easily...With Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship allows charitable projects to realize their mission without the headache and overhead of starting and operating their own 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Compass Charitable Partners helps you and your charitable project accomplish your goals faster and with less expense and overhead than starting and managing your own full-fledged nonprofit.  Compass provides the oversight, funds management, and donor tax-deductibility you need to get up and running quickly and easily.

Featured Project!

Metanoia Missions & Ministries

Our featured project partner this month is Metanoia Missions & Ministries, based in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.  Their purpose is to be of service to those who are oppressed, poverty-stricken, and problem-stricken. They seek to build a spiritual foundation for all who attend and be obedient to their calling through the Great Commission, as found in Matthew 28:18-20.

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