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Review and Approval of Solicitation Materials

Prior to distributing solicitations to potential donors, whether by written text or electronic communication, we require partner projects to submit the proposed solicitation language for approval to .  Our team needs to review and approve the wording you intend…

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Donation Solicitation Letters and Content

While we encourage each of our partner projects to solicit and raise donor support, it is critical that you accurately represent your project's relationship with us.  As a sponsored project under our Model C arrangement, certain words and phrases should…

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Donor Tax Receipts

Compass Charitable Partners will generate a tax receipt for every eligible contribution that is processed by Compass. Projects should send a thank you letter for every contribution they receive, regardless of the amount or deductibility to the donor. When a…

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Non-Tax-Deductible Donations

Certain intangible in-kind gifts are not tax deductible to the donor.  The most common examples include: Pro bono services Donations of rent-free space These are areas of much confusion to many nonprofits.  The IRS allows donations of both to be…

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