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Prohibited Donations

Compass Charitable Partners can only accept the following monetary donations: gifts made payable by credit/debit card, ACH, or check.  We cannot accept gifts of cash, money orders, or cryptocurrency.  Cash and money orders do not provide a satisfactory level of documentation back to the original donor, as required by the Internal Revenue Service.  We will make no exceptions to this restriction.  Any gifts of cash or money orders received will be returned to the donor.

As for cryptocurrency, we have made the determination that it is not in the best interest of Compass nor our sponsored projects to deal with the volatility of these instruments.  In addition, the IRS treats donations of cryptocurrency as in-kind gifts, not money.

Some sponsored projects may be the recipient of donated services (legal, accounting, free rent, etc.).  While these are considered a form of in-kind gift, they are not tax deductible to the donor and cannot be receipted by Compass Charitable Partners.