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Annual Expenditure Accountability Reports

Your Annual Report will provide a comprehensive overview of how the funds obtained through our fiscal sponsorship were utilized during the past calendar year. This report is required by March 31st each year. Starting in January, we’ll reach out via email to prompt you to fill out the report, including a direct link to the online form. We’ll send semi-weekly additional reminder emails from January through March to ensure you submit the report on time.

The Annual Report form, accessible through your partner portal, outlines the total funds received and distributed over the year. Depending on your use of our fiscal sponsorship, the report may need to include:

  • A narrative description of your sponsored activities for the previous year, detailing your achievements in advancing your project, how these efforts align with the charitable objectives set forth in your Fiscal Sponsorship Grant Agreement, and the impact on your community.
  • A budget/expense report that specifies your actual project expenses, a percentage breakdown of fund allocation across three broad categories, and project income.

Failure to submit an Annual Report by the deadline will result in your sponsored funds being frozen until submission. While your account is frozen, Compass Charitable Partners will still accept donations on your project’s behalf, but you will be unable to access these funds. Non-submission may also lead to a requirement to return all previously disbursed funds for your project.